DIY Ombré Walls

I know what you're thinking... "two posts in one week?! What have we done to deserve such a blessing?!" I kid. I kid.  I know you're excited though :)

Today I'll be talking about ombré walls. Ombré has been a hot trend for quite a while now. It can be seen on everything from nails to hair and even walls.

After renting for so long, and having plain white walls, I knew I wanted to do something fun for G's room. Her color scheme had been teal, pink, grey and white for some time now and she had absolutely no desire to change that. Considering that her bed is a teal/blue, I decided to do grey walls with one pink ombré accent wall.

I applied two coats of every color and spent countless hours blending the colors so that the contrast wasn't noticeable. I'll admit, after looking through the tutorial, I didn't expect it to be too difficult. Boy, was I wrong! In all fairness, I guess it wasn't THAT hard, once I figured out what I was doing. It took a while for me to get the hang of the blending, but I also did most of it VERY late at night, after working 8 hour days. 

If you're interested in creating your own ombré wall, this is the tutorial I used.  

Bedding: Target

Goat Head: Hobby Lobby